Hawaiian Honey Sampler – Perfect Gift Idea


If you have never visited Hawaii, taste what you’ve been missing. ?The Honey Sampler includes four 12 oz bears of our varietal honeys. (Hawaiian Wild Flower,? Christmas Berry, Ohia-Lehua, and Macadamia Nut Honey).

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Give your Taste the Treat of Hawaiian Varietal Honey

The Big Island produces some of the most unique varietal raw honeys. Because of the Island’s diverse micro-climate, the flavors range from amazingly? sweet to subtly tart, from aromatically floral to bold and nutty.? Do you already have a Hawaiian favorite and want to try them all. We will send you our Hawaiian Honey Sampler – Perfect Gift Idea features a collection of pure, raw honey from across the Big Island.

Honey is perfect in marinades, baking, for tea, and on fruit. Each honey offers a unique flavor profile. Try using our Ohia-Lehua honey in drinks and on raw foods.? The Hawaiian Wild Flower Honey in cooking and baking.? If you are having guests visit, we recommend having a “honey pairing.” At many of the festivals Hamakua Apiaries attends, we pair our honeys with local cheeses or different nuts.? Try pairing honeys with delicate flavors with bold cheeses. Feel free to experiment and share what you discover with us!

We’ve packed this Honey Sampler in a handsome custom-designed box made in the USA. Beyond simple honey party favors, our Honey Sampler makes a perfect gift for mother?s day or father’s day; hostesses, foodies, and honey connoisseurs. Reuse the box for jewelry, trinkets, love notes and more. Share a little bee love with this special gift set

If you enjoy the Honey Sampler, we suggest subscribing to our Honey of the Month.

The honey in this sampler may vary season to season, depending on honey we have in stock. This season, the honey included in the package is:

Hawaiian Spring Wild Flower Honey

The Wild Flower is collected from the east side of the Big Island.? It?s a multi-source honey containing the Spring Honey and pollen?s from the island trees.? The honey ranges from very sweet to mildly sweet with a tart finish.? The collected from beehives in lower altitudes is generally more sweet.

Ohia-Lehua Honey

The Ohia Lehua blossom produces a smooth, white honey that is thick and creamy. It is most distinguished for its texture, which is creamy and yet slightly crystallized. The flavor is sweet, but not overpowering. The taste could be described as floral

Macadamia Nut Honey

Macadamia Nut Honey is one of the most desired honeys that we produce. The caramel nutty flavor is a fantastic honey to use in coffee or baking.

Christmas Berry Honey

The flavor of the Hawaiian Christmas Berry is one of the most stable and consistent honeys the Big Island produces. The honey is subtlety sweet with a hint of black licorice flavor that remains on you palette. For foodies, the consistency of the flavor makes it a fantastic base for salad dressings or making Mead (Honey Wine).

We pride ourselves and look forward to sharing the Hawaiian Honey Sampler – Perfect Gift Idea with you!


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