12 ounce – Pahala Wild Flower Honey


The Wild Flower Honey produced from Pahala, in the Eastern Kau region is a honey you won?t find anywhere else in the world.

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Pahala Wild Flower Honey

Pahala Wild Flower Honey and the Naalehu Wild Flower Honey are special, in part, because of eastern slopes of the Kau district.  Just 20 miles from the planets most active volcano, the lava fields of the eastern slope, transition into rich fertile farms. Driving over the Kilauea summit, the clouds pushing against the volcanoes of Mauna Loa and Kilauea. Then disappear into blue sky’s. This transition from a tropical area into arid ancient lava field, produces spectacular rainbows.

Pahala Wild Flower Honey
Coffee Blossom Honey
Pahala Town

One of the first camps you come to is “Pahala Town.”? The Pahala Mill was built in 1876, but didn’t start producing sugar cane until 1880.? This mill was owned by Hawaiian Agricultural Company, then in 1972 merged with Hutchinson Sugar Plantation Company.? The merged companies were renamed Kau Sugar Company. In the 1990’s, the marketplace changed and the Big Island’s sugar production became too expensive to export.

This quiet town still has generations of families.? Many of these families now work in the macadamia nut orchards, coffee farms and cattle ranches.? Wood Valley, just up mountain of Pahala, is a place respite from the outside world.? It?s no wonder Kau region is now home to writers, artists, philosophers and others seeking solitude.?

Pahala Wild Flower Honey

Our bees collect Pahala Wild Flower Honey from award-winning coffee farms that continually bloom because of the frequent rain.? The coffee blossom honey is candy like sweet, but it?s the other blossoming trees that makes Pahala Honey special.? Like other parts of Kau, our bees collect honey from Ohia-Lehua trees that grows in the lower lava fields.? However at the beginning of the year, if the weather cooperates,? the bee mix macadamia nut honey with the coffee blossom nectar.? This combination gives the sweet coffee blossom honey a unique nutty flavor. Because of the areas topographical limitation, the coffee farms are planted where possible. On the steep cliffs, grow Ohia Lehua, Eucalyptus, Christmas Berry and Albizzia.? We harvest this honey later in the year for our Winter Wild Flower Honey.

Other Kau Honeys

Following Hawaiian Belt Rd? 10 miles north, we have bees just above an old Kaiwe forest. These bees are producing our Naalehu Wild Flower Honey.? although only a few miles apart, the flavor of honey is uniquely different.

The Eastern Kau region produces honey you won’t find anywhere else in the world.? ? Enjoy the photographs we take on the journey to our bee yards.

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